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Gerrard Inc. serves the Windsor-Essex Area offering a wide range of services specializing in large home renovations and additional dwelling units. With years of experience in the Windsor construction and renovation markets, we have the knowledge, experience and connections to bring you the best General Contracting partnership in Windsor.

Deeply embedded in our company since its founding, Gerrard Inc General Contractors values and culture can be summed up by three words: passion, dedication and reliability. Our values create strong business ethics that strengthen our ability to build and deliver incredible value to our clients and future partners.


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The interests of our clients are crucial to our continued success in the Construction industry. As a service focused company, we firmly believe our success depends on delivering the highest level of quality and service.

We bring a systemized design-build approach to developing custom solutions tailored to meet your family’s needs and circumstances. Our goal really is to help make you feel right at home.

Hey, I'm Savio!

I am the owner of Gerrard Inc. and I specialize in additional dwelling units, major construction and renovations in Windsor, ON. I want my team to help you complete your projects in the most cost-efficient, valuable manner.

In 2019 I brought the concept of Legal Second Suites or Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs) to Windsor. In 2020, I used my experience to put on a course for 110 investors teaching them Additional Dwelling Units and the City specific by-laws in Windsor.

With the wealth of knowledge and experience gained during these years, I created Gerrard Inc. to provide the best general contracting service to my clients to help further their investments.

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